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/* %I%, %R%, %B%, %D%,  %T%,  %M% */
 *    XbvlispP.h
 *  Widget D'interaction avec xbVLISP
 *    Ernesto Sendoya, avril 92

#ifndef _Xbvlisp_h
#define _Xbvlisp_h

 * Xbvlisp widget

/* Resources:

 Name            Class        RepType           Default Value
 ----            -----        -------           -------------
 background      Background         Pixel       XtDefaultBackground
 border                BorderColor  Pixel       XtDefaultForeground
 borderWidth           BorderWidth  Dimension   1
 destroyCallback     Callback       Pointer           NULL
 displayPosition     TextPosition   int         0
 editType        EditType           XtTextEditType    XttextRead
 file            File         String            NULL
 font            Font         XFontStruct*      Fixed
 foreground      Foreground         Pixel       Black
 height                Height       Dimension   font height
 insertPosition        TextPosition int         0
 leftMargin      Margin       Dimension   2
 mappedWhenManaged   MappedWhenManaged    Boolean           True
 selectTypes           SelectTypes  Pointer           (internal)
 selection       Selection          Pointer           empty selection
 sensitive       Sensitive          Boolean           True
 string                String       String            NULL
 textOptions           TextOptions  int         0
 width                 Width        Dimension   100
 x               Position           Position    0
 y               Position           Position    0
 lignes              Int                Int             1
 colonnes            Int                Int             30
 pages               Int                Int             1


#include <X11/Intrinsic.h>
#include <X11/Core.h>

#include <Text.h>
#ifndef XtSpecificationRelease
#include <X11/Text.h>
#ifdef XAW3D
#include <X11/Xaw3d/Text.h>
#include <X11/Xaw/Text.h>

/* define any special resource names here that are not in <X11/StringDefs.h> */

#define XtNlignes                "lignes"
#define XtNcolonnes              "colonnes"
#define XtNpages                 "pages"
#define XtCLignes                "Lignes"
#define XtCColonnes              "Colonnes"
#define XtCPages                 "Pages"

#define XtNXbvlisp               "Xbvlisp"

#define XtCXbvlispResource          "XbvlispResource"

#define DEFAULT_LIGNES         15
#define DEFAULT_COLONNES       80
#define DEFAULT_PAGES          3

#define MIN_COLONNES     20
#define MIN_LIGNES        1

/* declare specific XbvlispWidget class and instance datatypes */

typedef struct _XbvlispClassRec *   XbvlispWidgetClass;
typedef struct _XbvlispRec *        XbvlispWidget;

/* declare the class constant */

extern WidgetClass xbvlispWidgetClass;

/* pour recuperer les options utilisateur */
      /* et defauts */

typedef struct {
  XFontStruct *font;
  Int colonnes;       /* nbr. de colonnes */
  Int lignes;         /* nbr. de lignes */
  Int pages;          /* nbr. de pages */
}  xbVlispRess, * xbVlispRessPtr;

extern xbVlispRess xvl_data;

#ifndef XtSpecificationRelease
#define  XtSelectionCallbackProc void

/* prototypes */

extern Boolean copyFiltre(CHAR * bfin,CHAR * ptr, CHAR *str, Int p);
extern Int InsertCharXbvlisp(Widget w, XEvent * e, CHAR ** ss, Int  cc);
extern Boolean getCursorCoordsXbvl(Widget w , Position * x_w, Position * y_w, Position * x_r, Position * y_r);
extern Int getXbvlColonnes(Widget w);
extern Boolean getWidgetFont(Widget widget, XFontStruct **font);
extern void getXbvlRessources(Widget widget , xbVlispRess * rdat);
extern void copyOldString(CHAR *dest, CHAR *src);
extern void getCursorPosXbvl( XbvlispWidget w, Int *ret_ligne, Int *ret_col);
extern void setCursorPosition(XbvlispWidget w, Int  ligne,  Int col);
extern Widget xCreateXbVlispWidget(CHAR *root, CHAR *name, Int l, Int c, Int p, Int x, Int y);
extern Widget xCreateManagedXbvl(CHAR *name, Widget root, Int lignes, Int colonnes, Int pages,  XFontStruct *fon);
extern CHAR * calculXbvlEditBuffer(Int lignes, Int colonnes, Int pages, CHAR * ptr);
extern Boolean xgetBufin(CHAR *bfin);
extern Int changeText(Widget w,  CHAR *  s); 

extern Boolean copyFiltre();
extern Int InsertCharXbvlisp();
extern Boolean getCursorCoordsXbvl();
extern Int getXbvlColonnes();
extern Boolean getWidgetFont();
extern void getXbvlRessources();
extern void copyOldString();
extern void getCursorPosXbvl();
extern void setCursorPosition();
extern Widget xCreateXbVlispWidget();
extern Widget xCreateManagedXbvl();
extern CHAR * calculXbvlEditBuffer();
extern Boolean xgetBufin();
extern Int changeText();

#endif  /* _Xbvlisp_h */

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